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About Us

Myself Dhiraj Kumar
I am the founder of this blog "Onesidedlovequote". I am one and only writer of this blog
This blog is about: This blog is about "Love" and also this blog dedicated to those entire lovers who loves someone by one sided.
   Like me “One sided lovers" even don't know "how to love someone, Nowadays". But they still wait for someone who will never come

Who am I: I respect all the lovers. But I always look for one sided lover to discuss about "What actual love is". Because no
Dhiraj-kumar-ChetryOne can explain about "love more" than one sided lover.
I am a one sided lover. I was fail in love in the age of 10 and it's been 12th years now still I am waiting for her
You may think `I am fool`. Yes, I am a fool. All the one sided lovers are fool

                “We are one sided lover we don't need your love to love you. We just love you"

My Quote:
                    "You can't compare love to love too"
                                                                          ______Dhiraj Kumar 

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